Craft plugin

We launched a Craft CMS 'poll' plugin in the plugin store. At the moment of writing, there was no existing plugin to publish polls in Craft CMS.

We created a new poll plugin primarily for a client. We published the plugin in the Craft Plugin store because our intents is to further develop the plugin: for instance to support marketing segmentation on the data.

Check out the poll plugin documentation.

Post date: January, 2020

AWS Certified Devops Engineer

I am currently taking the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer course to enhance my knowledge in infrastructure automation and CI/CD.

AWS migration

Progress update on the current AWS migration project

Load en Stress tests

Test your cloud infrastructure with K6

Gobot RPI simulator

A GPIO pin simulator for RPI written in Golang

Reactions Craft CMS plugin

A new Craft CMS plugin to add Facebook style reactions

Vertaal component

A translation component in Symfony, with API and control panel.