AWS Certified Devops Engineer

To obtain the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional certification, I have started taking a course on Udemy.

With over 10 years of experience in setting up server clusters, particularly utilizing AWS Beanstalk, EC2, and ECS/Docker, as well as working with CI/CD pipelines, I now aim to expand my knowledge in automated cloud infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines.

Specifically, I am eager to further explore Infrastructure as Code, which can be accomplished with AWS CloudFormation. This will enable me to better cater to the following objectives:

  • Achieving reproducible infrastructure
  • Establishing swift and efficient consistency across development, testing, staging, and production environments
  • Supporting complex architectures such as multi-tier and distributed applications
  • Implementing version control, rollback capabilities, scalability, and flexibility throughout the entire process.

With my current expertise and experience, and the expertise I am about to obtain, I am capable of assisting scale-ups in reaching their next growth phase and seamlessly integrating into enterprise-level DevOps teams.

Post date: June, 2023

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