Gobot RPI simulator

gobot-sim is written in Golang

'Gobotics' prototyping development middleware

Gobot is an application written in Golang to control several types of SBC's (Single Board Computers) such as Raspberry Pi.

Prototype application development can be complicated. Sending or receiving signals form the hardware pins is usually testable only by developing directly on the SBC.
A major disadvantage of this approach is that these SBC's can be very light in terms of memory and cpu.
Also you already need a hardware prototype to test your application.

My IDE's run best on my Mac of course, not on an SBC.

For this reason I developed middleware for Gobot on Raspberry Pi, that intercepts signals sent and received from GPIO pins at a low level.

This makes it easy to simulate a 'prototype hardware button push' in your IDE on your Mac, or create a virtual LED connected to a GPI pin by displaying 'LED ON/LED OFF'.

This helps protype application development a lot.
And you don't need a hardware prototype board first before developing your application - your final HW prototype can follow your application instead of the other way round.

Huge timesaver.

Post date: March, 2021


De gobot simulator middleware is open sourced by me 'as is', it's status is currently in alfa.

Repository and examples can be foundon this this Github repository.

Currently I use the library to create a physical interface controlling PiHole running on a Raspberry Pi Zero draait.



Gobot is a robotic/ioT framework with support for 35 different platforms.

Gobot website


Gobot-sim intercepts low level system calls to the GPIO pins. I wrote an 'hybrid sysfs adapter', that redirects specific read/write calls to the simulator.

It should be possible to run your application on the SBC itself without your prototype hardware attached.


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