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Craft CMS

Edit your content with a well thought out content management system

We advise Craft CMS for your website content management.

Craft CMS is a very user friendly content management system. Providing your website with content and media will be easier than ever.

Just as important is the design of your website. Craft CMS offers full freedom to precisely present your website according to the intended design and design guidelines.

We work together with specialised Craft CMS designers.

Craft CMS advantages

  • You can easily upload media and there's no need for you to resize them, Craft does that all by itself
  • Live preview - preview the pages you are editing before you commit the changes
  • Multilingual - publish your pages in multiple languages
  • Edit content on mobile devices such as iPhone or Android
  • Your site will be ready with beatiful links on social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn cards
  • There is a marvellous SEO plugin available for Craft CMS

Post date: September, 2018

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Craft CMS in the Media

“Craft CMS focusses on quality instead of quantity. It's mainly used by agencies that employ qualitative high standards. For a well thought-out website, Craft CMS is an excellent choice.”

In: Emerce, 9 januari 2017