Handheld Cloud

A cloud server you can actually hold in your hand

For a promotional gift we engineered a mini computer that can participate in our media processing spot fleet at Amazon.

The device is completely wireless, and can (with the attached battery at the back) assist in the media processing activities in the production setting.

Cause our production setting is architected in a fail tolerant way, it's not a problem at all if the wifi connection of the device is lost, or when the battery is empty. A cloud server will automatically take over unfinished tasks and fill in the gap in processing.

We kept the hardware as simple as possible - we only added a single digit display. On the display you can see what kind of task the device is performing at the current moment. A blinking dot represents the device's heartbeat - it sends signals to the cloud to inform the queues that a current task is in progress.

Although the hardware is simple and minimalistic, the media processing software it runs is advanced and the same as we run in the cloud.
Most of the software we compiled specifically for the ARM Risc processor of the device.

Handheld cloud infogram

Post date: January, 2019

Concrete Cloud

We wanted to illustrate 'the cloud' in a less abstract way.
Hence, we engineered a wireless cloud device that you can actually hold in your hand and see it working.


The software that is run by handheld-cloud device is a media processing microservice.

The microservice can:

  • recognize text from images (OCR)
  • process and decompile pdf documents
  • resize and transform images to several sizes and formats

The microservice retrieves its commands from a queue, and delivers the results to a special result queue.
This way the system as a whole can be fault tolerant, and highly scalable: parallel capacity is virtually unlimited, and it can run in arbitrary locations or infrastructures.

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