Streamline your Proxies: CacheLink

This proxy component is part of a series of proxies that are modular in design and require almost zero configuration. The series currently includes an SSL terminator, forward proxy and a caching proxy. Over time, I will add a a rate limiter, a loadbalancer/router, and a CDN proxy/image resizer.

CacheLink Proxy is a caching proxy solution that operates within Docker containers, offering simple and efficient configuration through the use of environment variables.

It is a component in my 'Streamline your Proxies' series, a series of proxies that are intended to co-operate or te be used as drop-ins within a containerized service.

It is easy to configure with .env variables, so you do not need to write .conf files or build your own custom docker images!

Currently, CacheLink offers two caching strategies, a strategy that 'obeys' cache headers from the backend, and a strategy that enforces caching.

Setting up a caching proxy is as simple as this:

docker run --rm \
    --env "DEBUG=on" \
    --env "CACHE_PORT=28800" \
    --env "CACHE_BACKEND=" \
    --publish "28800:28800" \

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Post date: January, 2024


  • Docker
  • Nginx