Full MultiArch pipeline

I am pleased to have been in the opportunity to modify it's CD and CI pipelines in such a way, that the docker images generated in the pipeline now fully support multi-architecture images.

This way we can deploy both on Intel and ARM (AWS Graviton) instances and container services.
AWS Graviton offers higher performance for lower cost compared to Intel, and also has a lower ecological footprint.

Now it's just waiting until AWS Graviton supports spot instances in Fargate.

In the project, all images used in the development flow and CD/CI pipelines were revised, resulting in smaller images and consistency between dev, test, staging and production environments.

Configuration management was also simplified by using a simple standalone template parser for generating configuration files from environment variables, which I developed earlier in GoLang. I am content my open source contribution is used in production.

This post outlines the strategies and thought processes behind my DevOps projects. It reflects my dedication to adopting best practices in DevOps and staying aligned with the latest technological advancements.

Post date: December, 2023


  • Docker multiplatform build
  • AWS CodePipeline